What happens next?

Now that we have read The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum, you and your partner must create and upload to this page a 3 minute adventure that continues the story. You can introduce some new characters, if necessary, but stay true to the original novel, not the 1939 movie. Be sure that your characters learn a lesson in this mini-adventure. Make sure that your audience can figure out the lesson after viewing your adventure. Use any of our available digital tools (like Audacity, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Photo Story, etc.). Don't forget to add a group reflection in the table at the end.

In short:
  • Create and upload a mini-adventure that continues the story
  • Your characters must learn a lesson and your audience must figure it out
  • Use an available digital tool to publish this adventure
  • Add a group reflection in the table

Post your finished product here:

Group 1
Lizzie and Jack
Toto and Dorothy's Adventure in the Northeast

The lesson is that you should never
trust strangers.
Group 2
Noah and Courtney

The lesson is to have faith in yourself
and Dorothy had faith that she could find Toto and get home.
Group 3
Robbie & Colton

The lesson is that it's good to have friends because you can go on more adventures.
Group 4
Claire and Mckenzie

The lesson is that just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they are mean and you should still help them.
Group 5
Nathan and

The lesson is to always have trustworthy friends.
Group 6 Ben and Grace Anne

The lesson is to always keep old friends and make new friends.
Group 7
Charlie and
Mrs. Pardington

Toto learns never to give up. Woof!
Group 8 Evelyn & Katie

Our lesson is never trust a stranger.

Tyler and Anna Group 9

Always be good.

Chaz and Patrick
Group 10

The lesson is: don't trust strangers.
Ashley and Cal
Group #3

Our lesson was you can't trust some people.
Group 12
Christian, Laith

Our amazing lesson is having friends can get you far in life.
Group 13
Alison and James

Our lesson is: never, ever give up!

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