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I want you to notice that Katie, Evelyn, and I are in this video and we are teaching the Cross Multiplying Method.

I want you to notice that this is a Photo Story about "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe". Patrick and I are doing a question and answer Photo Story.
I want you to notice that this is is a Wordle and I combined all the words from my spelling list and I am teaching you some of my spelling words.
Science Units (5th Grade)
This is a link to my science page where you will notice there is links to all the unit pages that we have done so far.
Social Studies

This is a Publisher for my Social Studies project on Delaware. I want you to notice all the fun facts and government facts. Rohna and I made this Publisher . Rohna is in Mrs. O'Rourke's class.

This is a descriptive paragraph about a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher. I want you to notice that I am using my 5 senses.
Original image
Original image
This is a picture of my Instrument in orchestra and it is a violin. I want you to notice how many parts to a violin there are. I love this instrument because it is the perfect size and it sounds it makes is like my personality.