Fantasy Analysis of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
This picture was enhanced by Lizzie and Colton. The picture was taken from Google Images: Narnia Battlefield.

You and your partner will create a Photo Story showing how The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe follows the elements of a fantasy. Use your graphic organizer "Elements of a Fantasy" located above on this page or in your purple folder for guidance. Be sure to include the following slides: Title page; Setting; Magic; Animals that Act Like People; “Make Believe” Elements; Lesson for the Real World; and Credits. Use this template to plan your slide show: All slides MUST have a picture and one complete sentence explaining the target element. All sentences must be edited for correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. You may add narration and music to your show. Choose music that is soft and that doesn’t distract from the slide show.

Complete each section of the table:
Partners: List only your first names.
Photo Story: Upload your Photo Story here.
Reflection: Complete one of the following sentences:
  • This project reminds us of...
  • We think...
  • We wonder...
  • We feel...

Photo Story

We think that we should do an anaylsis for other books. Espercially for other Narnia books.
UOLD Evelyn & Chaz

We wonder if we could do this with another book. Also we could do it on movie maker.
Nicholas and Christian

We feel we could do this with the other books if we had a chance to.
Nathan and Robbie

This project reminds us of a fantasy place
Anna and Laith

I wonder where the author got his insperation.
Great job Anna and Laith we love the picture of the wand.
Tyler and Ben

We felt that this book was a quick fun book and it was fun to make a Photo Story on Photo Story.
Grace Anne and Patrick

Lizzie and Colton

We had fun but a few troubles.
Katie and Courtney

In the making of this movie we went through troubles like our speaking volumes and picture importing.
Ashley and McKenzie

We wondered why we had problems when we were
downloading and why our sound wasn't working.
Noah and Alison

During the making of this movie we found that we had trouble with one of the slides being fuzzy.
Cal and Jack

This project reminds us of third grade when we were first learning about photo story.
We think we think this project was fun becauce we got to do a photo story on a book.
We wonder what are next photo stry will be on?
We feel that everybody did a good job.
James and Jackie

We think that this book reminds us of the Wizard Of Oz because of all the different adventures.