Welcome to my student page!! Come and check it out.

here is another one: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/3277960/spelling
I did a few words from each list, on most of the spelling test I do pretty good. I have almost gotten 100% on every test.
Here are math skill videos:
Cross Multiply Method Anna Claire
Improper Fractions Anna Claire
In these videos me and Anna do math skills; improper fractions and cross multiply method. We had to do a wizard theme. so me and Anna's wands are actually white board markers.
Click the beaker to see our experiment.

This link will take you to a science page. This page is about everyone's science groups reaching saturation with a saltwater solution. It also has everyone's results.
Social Studies

This document is my research and report on the Taos Indians, from our indians unit in Social Studies. I think some of the words I used I don't even know, so I should put them into kid friendly songs.

The Perfect Jolly Rancher is a descriptive paragraph about a jolly rancher. I tried to use my five senses hear, smell, taste, feel, see.

The Dogs of Timbuktu is a story that I am currently working on that I made myself. We were not required to do this. I tried to use words like squeked, yelled, or barked instead of said.

This is Mckenzie and I's Wizard Of Oz sequel, we made the lines, setting and everything.