Christian's Portfolio Page


I did this for a study link that had a problem that told you to make a poem of some sort with numbers. So notice that's why the math is wrong.

I did this for my battle book club with Mr. Maldanado we made a powerpoint to help us study. Notice that why its mostly personality for the characters.

We did a homophones list a few weeks ago. Last year some other students did this and I thought it was a good idea.

This was for our first unit motion and design. My team Charlie and Grace Anne had to make a car from kinex and a drawing of it to then make a video of it going 1 meter. You can notice our car wasn't the best because the wheels made the car turn for some reason.
Social Studies

This was my power point that I did with my partner for one of our projects in social studies it was our first project.

As you may know this was my speech that I used to try and win the elections I was proud with myself when I was done.

In one of our hitops classes we had to make some kind of project to help us study a little with our first WordMaster challenge word list.
In band currently I think I'm doing pretty well, and we are currently working on some of our concert songs and high notes. I really like my band teacher Mr. Rogerson He has been a great teacher for me.