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14 _4x5=20-
X 5 _50x1=50-
-------- _20+50=70-
I'm in five plus math so I must be good at math. 1 thing I'm not very good at is fast facts because I just get nervous when I'm timed on things.
This glog got randomly deleted from my account but you can still see it here.
I think the stary element projects are great because they help me think more deeply about the story. I think 1 weaknes I have in reading is that during story it's hard for me to keep at the same pace as the rest of the class because I just read fast without trying to.
(tried making a wordle but it didn't work!)
I think I'm good at spelling because I have a large Vocabulary so I know a lot of words. 1 thing I'm bad at in spelling is that I don't under stand some things like i before e except after c be cause somtimes it is e before i like in height and weight.
I think this was a great project because we got to build somthing and see how it works. I'm good at science because I think it's fun to experiment with things. 1 thing I'm bad at with science is that I can't understand everything we learn about 100%.
Social Studies

I find S.S. interesting because I like learning about the past.
(Go to H-Drive and get the candy writing project stages)
1 thing i'm good at in writing is that I can think of a million things to write about but I can never choose just 1. I thing I'm bad at is writing about real things because I just want to make somthing exciting instead of writing down what happened to me last week.
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I'm good at band because I can read music well. 1 thing i'm bad at in band is that it's hard for me to play high notes like high b flat.