Anna's Portfolio Page
This is my portfolio that has my work in different subgects. Some of the subgects
and examples of my work. Under the reflectio colum is a thing that I want you to
look at, and something that I want to work on. Under the example colum is an
example of my work, website ect. that has to do with the topic.
external image D667B224428B4B59A8B5E3CA3C558CE2.jpg

Website from math units (5th grade) in the nvigation bar.
Here is a math polygon website
I am really good at geometry

I would like to work on adding
and subtracting negative
external image large_open_book.png

external image pencil.gif

Please look at my

I will need to work
on my editing.
external image spelling%20bee%202.jpg
Notice the design and
the mix of words.

Something that I would
like to work on is my
grades on the tests.
social studies
external image j0213508.gif

I would like you to notice how
I have sighted all the souces that
I used to do the progect.

I would like to work on the timing
of the progects and not get them
done at the last minunute.
external image science%20clipart1.bmp
I would like you to notice my
examples of the experements
that we did.

I would like to work on my
orgamization of my folder.
external image music_notes.jpg
external image baroque_viola_daSalo_big.jpg
The insterment that I
play is the viola

I am realy good at playing
lunden twinkle.